INTO 2011 en Creativity in the Tourism World /blog.php?Idi=3 In view of how complex it is to achieve a high level of competitiveness for a mature destination, at this year's INTO Seminar it is planned to analyse creativity as the main competitiveness-enhancing ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-06-16 The obsolescence of tourist destinations, the axis of the first session of Into 2011 <a href="">200-120 exam</a> /blog.php?Idi=3 The situation of obsolescence of the tourist destinations marks the beginning of the seminar. By a round table has analyzed the current status of tourism, threats and weaknesses that are observed and ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-20 La obsolescencia de los destinos turísticos, eje de la primera sesión de INTO 2011 <a href="">70-461</a> /blog.php?Idi=3 La situación de obsolescencia de los destinos turisticos marca el inicio del seminario. Mediante una mesa redonda se ha analizado el estado actual de la actividad turística, las amenazas y ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-20 What is creative tourism, and how to develop, the axis of the third session <a href="">JN0-102</a> /blog.php?Idi=3 The third session of this workshop focuses on the conceptualization of creative tourism, and delve into the creative processes and possible strategies to uncover the creative capabilities of tourist ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-20 Creative experiences that reset, promote and transform destinations, axis of the fourth session of INTO /blog.php?Idi=3 The second day of Into 2011 began with a session focused on the transformation from a tourist destination with creativity. The first intervention is carried out by Caroline Couret of the ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-21 The generation of ideas, workshop by Juan Prego /blog.php?Idi=3 After the coffee break we had the opportunity to hear John Prego, head of Creative Attitude that he asked directly: How many new ideas have you had today? Prego has begun recalling the words of ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-21 A debate on innovation and creativity for the renovation of the tourist destination closes INTO 2011 /blog.php?Idi=3 Javier Rey-Maquieira, moderator of the meeting stressed that we must promote innovation and creativity in all sectors, in business, university, society, and that we must break the attitude of fear of ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-21 INTO 2011 videos /blog.php?Idi=3 Promoturismo has prepared several videos with the impressions of some of the protagonists and seminar attendees Into 2011 on creativity and tourism held in Mallorca. For your convenience, here you ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-10-25 Any suggestion for the organization? /blog.php?Idi=3 The organization of INTO 2011 has received a suggestion from La Defense, Consumidors i Usuaris Association of the Balearic Islands, which reads: consider that a tourism seminar should provide ... /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-07-28 /blog.php?Idi=3 /blog.php?Idi=3 2014-10-06 /blog.php?Idi=3 /blog.php?Idi=3 2011-03-17