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Social Media & Tourism Industry

Innovation & Tourism International Seminar


The audience who attend the Seminar represent a wide range of multidisciplinary skills. Most persons are from the business sector of the world of tourism and from ICT-enabled firms geared towards tourism: not only businesses which directly supply a tourism product or service, but also others such as consulting firms, suppliers of complementary products and services, business associations, etc.

Also amongst those who attend are academics from research centres and universities, and representatives of public authorities.

In short, the Seminar aims to reach a target audience from the field of innovation and tourism.


Innovation in the tourism sector. To stimulate a broad-ranging debate on adapting tourism businesses which make up the value chain of the tourism product or service to the new paradigms.

To recount real experiences, both in destinations and in tourism products.

To promote a suitable forum which will facilitate exchanges between experts, academics and professionals, setting the scene for enhancing the tourism product.

To introduce opportunities and advances derived from knowledge transfer into the tourism sector as part of the innovation process.

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