Mr. José Luis Fernández

Director Corporate Strategy at Televes

Born in Vigo (Pontevedra) on 22 March 1952.

He achieved a second-class degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona, specialising in electronics.

He began his career at the company Vanguard Ibérica in Barcelona as a trainee in developing customised tools. He then developed electronic circuits, TV signal demodulation and decoding and became responsible for the TV signal part.

After five years in Barcelona, in 1981 he joined the company Televés, S.A., first in product development and then as the MATV Project Manager. He was appointed R&D Director in 1992 and Strategic Director in 2003, not only of Televés but also of the other companies in the group.

In that same year he was appointed as a member of the Management Committee of Televés and of all the ICT companies in the Televés Group since they were founded (Gsertel, TRedess and Arantia).

He was appointed General Strategy Director in 2007.

When he was the head of R&D, he was constantly involved as a partner in European projects, especially in technology related to DTT.

He has written books and technical articles for many journals.

He has given all kinds of technical presentations and others on technological development and innovation.

He has been a consultant for strategic autonomous community R&D plans and also a project evaluator in microelectronics in the European Commission.

Vice-president of the Gradiant Foundation (ICT Technology Centre of Galicia) from when it was established in 2007 to 2016.

Vice-president of the Industrial Committee of AMETIC (Spanish Association of Electronic, ICT, Telecommunication and Digital Content Companies).